You can either love your country or not hate it!

He revered his 6th Standard English teacher – an ex-serviceman.  He vividly remembered the very first lesson of the class.  ‘What is the opposite of – I love my country?’  It’s easy.  ‘I hate my country.’  Incorrect.  ‘You’d be court-martialed if you said something in an army set up,’ said the teacher.  The right answer.  “I don’t hate my country.” 

It was both a lesson in English and in patriotism.  You can either love your country or not hate it.

The lesson came back to him when he was reading a news report on his country’s ex-Army Chief being involved in anti-national activities.  The report went totally against his long held beliefs about the army, and people leading such institutions. Defensive reasoning.  It is a motivated report.  There were legible reasons to believe that the report may be part of a vendetta.  Was it time to broaden his horizons?

“If you question everything, what do you believe in?”

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