You are not in control

It is immensely liberating to remember that you are not in control.  That you are nothing but a piece in the grand canvas of life.  That you are predisposed by your destiny.  That whatever happens to you is part of a plan so majestic, it will be simple-minded to think that you may comprehend it somehow.

It is immensely liberating to know that, over time, you will lose everything.  Be it the people that you hold dear.  Or that fame and respect that you always wanted.  Or your possessions.  Or how you look and feel about yourself, both physically and intellectually.  Nothing lasts forever.

Does that mean then that you stop enjoying what you have and tread the path of detachment?  Quite the opposite, actually.  It should mean that you enjoy everything that you have.  Till the time it hasn’t been taken away from you.  Revel in the marvel of the magic that surrounds you.  Be gratuitous of your treasures.  Want what you have.  And want it passionately.  Because for you, right now right here, universe has this very idea.


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