Why Travel?

‘Why do you travel? These short trips that you make every few months! Are you running away from something? Are you an escapist? Or are you looking for some kind of social approval and acceptance rooted in your insecurity of being loved widely?’ He was asked by one of his dear friends. She looked concerned. He was mildly amused. Travel empowered him to better understand himself and others. It allowed him to question his assumptions about everything. It enabled him to suspend judgments about people and situations. It aided him in embracing ambiguity. All of which was extremely meaningful to him. It did not matter to him how much he loved whom. It did not matter to him how much he was loved and by whom. He could not imagine a life where he couldn’t go days without feeling alone. He believed in an examined life. He believed in authenticity – in staring life down, learning from it, and connecting on a deeper level with the people. Travel afforded him that luxury.

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