When they met again!

They met a few years after they had broken up.  It was a chance encounter.  They were at a college reunion.

He had this play out in his head a numerous times.  He had imagined every possible scenario.  Punching the face of the guy she was with.  Look at each other, smile, and shrug shoulders, and laugh at how silly they were back then.  Looking into each other’s eyes with an acute sadness, and check if they were ‘happy.’  However, nothing mattered now.  In that moment when they were face to face, he didn’t feel any of that.

What he felt was something inexpressible.  It was a unique feeling.  All he wanted to say to her was thank you for making him feel so.  Only she could have managed to tap such emotions in him.  He didn’t say anything.  Neither did she.  It wasn’t a particularly comfortable moment.  They looked away.  He hurriedly took off from the event.


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