What if he had missed that train?!

Movies can be a great escape from the monotony of daily verve to the romanticism of wanderlust. The trouble is, as soon as you are out of the theatre, reality dawns and how. However, some movies are so relatable that they can profoundly impact you and then stay with you. He watched one such movie – ‘Before Sunrise.’ He had such an emotional response to it that he couldn’t stop himself from watching the sequels. ‘Before Sunset,’ the second movie of the series – as beautiful as the first – ends abruptly. One almost feels physical pain. The realist takes over the romantic in the third one, ‘Before Midnight.’ He was ‘probably’ at an age where he could appreciate that it won’t ever always be this magical love and perfect relationships. He saw all three movies together and it was great. He thought about people who waited several years to watch the sequels; about the actors, who acted in three movies over two decades. He wondered whether there’ll be a forth movie in another 8 years. He desperately hoped. He then pondered whether he had already lived or missed his ‘Before Sunrise’ moment. He reflected on a train that he should’ve missed to spend more time with her.  Why didn’t she ask him to?  He would soon fly 5,000 miles to find out.

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