Volunteer’s folly

He was at cross-roads. Whether to keep a job, which paid him well and let him use his business skills, or to volunteer for a work that was meaningful to him. He wasn’t faced with this choice for the first time though. Earlier, he had chosen to do what he ‘wanted.’ And it went well. However, what made the choice harder this time was how his thinking had evolved.

Volunteering is a noble deed. But, it ends up undermining the overall societal good. Consider this. Someone with core skills and competencies in a certain field abandons it to volunteer time to a field that ‘attracts’ her/him. In doing so, she or he not only counter-mines the impact that can be created in the current field leveraging current skills, but also sabotages the impact that can be created by specialists in the field of her/his interest.

Would it not be more advisable to dedicate time where one’s competencies lie (subsequently earn well) and donate money for the services of specialists in the area of one’s interest?

I’m sure that the last word has not been spoken on this topic. Counter-view in the next blog post.


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