Value Investor!

He:  Why do you like me?

She:  Are you going through some existential crisis again?!?!

He:  Shut up!  You keep asking me that every now and then, and I have to come up with a ‘new answer.’  Well, it is time you were at the receiving end of the question!  And unlike you, I am not soliciting some praises.

She:  I don’t understand what you mean?!

He:  Oh, stop it!  You very well know what I ‘mean.’  Here.  You are beautiful and smart.  I am someone who is too busy being busy.  So, again, why?!

She:  Because I am a Value Investor.

He:  Huh!  Care to explain, will you?

She:  Look, you are witty.  That’s a sign of intelligence.  You have a good perspective on life, work, morality, familial ties, and friends.  You listen well.  Although you are currently not fulfilling your potential, you can be a great life partner.  So, all in all, you are like an undervalued stock.  Strong fundamentals.  And I am investing in you!

He:  Wow.  You are good.  Spoke in the language I understand best.

She:  Haha! Thanks! So, why do YOU like ME?!?!


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