Unmarked Grave

He found himself in front of a blank headstone. He looked deeply at the tombstone. He wondered about the person lying inside that unmarked grave. Was it the sign of ignominy? Or was the profundity of this symbol lost on him.

As a Hindu, he was aware of Antyesti or funeral rites in his religion. He was aware of the mythological belief behind cremation of the dead – rebirth or the circular existence of life. He was also aware that in Christianity, especially in the Orthodoxy, the belief system was of singular life. Thus, making the symbol of headstone an expression of commemoration for a life well led. So, why was this headstone blank? Didn’t this person want to be remembered?

That is when he had an epiphany. Most of us spend all our lives struggling with the question – ‘what do we want to be remembered for?’ Consciously or subconsciously, this question guides our life choices. For a meaningful life in the grand scheme of things, wouldn’t a better question to ask be – ‘why do you even want to be remembered?’ Had the person lying in the unmarked grave cracked this code? Guess we’ll never know.


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