She was feeling a bit low lately – a euphemism really for letting go of the pressure on the consciousness lid that you put on your bottled range of emotions.  She felt it was time for her to think deeply about what she really wanted and whether she can obtain it.  He wanted to embrace her.  He couldn’t though as he was miles away.  She cried; more at his helplessness than at her emotional state.

He loved her. Simply. Without any consideration for distance, differences in cultures or in lifestyles. He loved her without knowing how, or when, or from where. It was intimate though. So much that his heart beat to the tune of her name. So much that his lungs filled up when she breathed. But may be just love wasn’t enough. May be it never is. She was probably looking for some certainty. He couldn’t offer that at this time. Isn’t the very essence of romance uncertainty?!

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