Traveling to one’s new self

The Amtrak was enroute from San Francisco to his final destination, New York. He was on the final leg of his one month long coast-to-coast train journey in United States. He would reach New York on December 31, in time to be at Times Square for the ball drop. It was his top bucket list item.

A wild month of traveling to meet self was coming to an end. He had changed powerfully. Gone was that Zehen who had landed in New York some 29 days back. Gone was the Zehen who was distracted by the confusion, the guilt, the loss. Gone was the need to flit from city to city, immersing himself in other people’s lives. Gone was the need to find himself in others.

A strange peace had descended on him, as if he finally felt breath spread in his body, coursing through the arms and down to the feet. A weird feeling of being all here, of not needing anything more, of being content.

We travel not to a new place, or new friends, or a new culture, or even a new cuisine. We travel to our new self.

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