Travel therapy

Since I can remember, I have been very fond of traveling. Going to new places, meeting with new people, and exploring sights and cultures that I haven’t experienced before has always excited me tremendously.

Over the last few days I have been reflecting about my travels and a pattern stands out. I have most enjoyed places that have either been colossal or antediluvian. Be it standing at the center of 1,500-year old Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, and feeling like a 2-year old in his grandmother’s lap; or standing on the Arpoador beach in Rio and watching the ferocious sun galloped by the mighty sea.

Such reflection has led me to an important insight about my personality. I am essentially a narcissist. I am prone to feel self-important and be self-indulgent. Travel acts as therapy for me to deal with this personality flaw.  I enjoy traveling to places where I can feel insignificant. It accentuates nothingness of my being. It teaches perspective that you are nothing but a tiny speck on a giant canvas.

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