Train or Flight?

He turned around after walking a few steps.  She was standing where he’d left her.  Probably for him to turn back and bid goodbye one more time.  He couldn’t be sure. 

From the Moscow airport, he proceeded to take the AeroExpress to Moscow train station.  From there, he would catch his train to St. Petersburg.  He had planned his trip to start in St. Petersburg.  That’s where his CouchSurfing host, who he had met in Brazil, lived.  ‘It would be good to get accustomed to the country and its culture with the help of a local, before exploring alone,’ he thought.  He was a trained risk manager, you see!

While planning the trip, he had the option to either take a connecting flight or travel by a train.  Simple choice really.  He had travelled by the TGV fast train from Marseilles to Paris, and back, relishing the French landscape.  He wanted to relive a similar experience.  He also inherently believed that train journeys were oddly romantic.  They lend you a perspective on your being that is quite unmatched.  Travelling by train, observing the mountains, the woods, and the countryside and its people, he was reminded of a quote – ‘the tragedy of plants is that they have roots.’


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