To the mother who cried

He had a strong urge to console his mother as she cried a river at the sight of her younger son leaving the comfortable abode of her lap to embark on a personal and professional journey. He so wanted to wipe her tears, despite knowing that he couldn’t stop them from coming. Yet, he stopped himself. He knew that he should not intervene her grief, as there is nothing more dangerous in treating an illness than premature medication.

He had seen her cry before – when he was leaving for his studies.  He couldn’t console her then. How could he, given he was the cause of her angst at that time! But, this time was different. Being the elder son, he could offer her the support that only he was capable of providing.

He knew that the true source of a mother’s disquiet comes not from thinking how she would be without her son, but more so from how the son would be without her. Thus, he knew it is important for him to ensure that she got as much information and as frequently as possible about her departing son.


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