The Sunset

Sometimes you reach a place that fills your heart with abundance of a certain emotion. You are never quite sure though, what emotion and for whom. But everything is just overwhelming.

He reached such a place on his 3rd evening in Rio. Arpoador – a small beach between Ipanema and Copacabana shorelines in Rio. He was recommended to go there to see the sun setting over the sea, a rare occurrence on the Brazilian coast.

He took a leisurely walk with one of his local friends. He couldn’t be more amazed with what he saw. Sunset was splendid. Sun seemed like a beautiful young woman preening herself in front of a mirror.

As he sat to watch the ferocious sun galloped by the mighty sea, he couldn’t help but be amazed by nature’s ability to let a man imagine and experience liberation, howsoever briefly, in this enchanted and transitory world. Sitting by the sea made him feel inadequate. Its magnanimity accentuated the nothingness of his being.

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