The Sugar Loaf!

New Delhi was his favorite city in the world and Time Square in NYC his favorite spot on earth.   That was until he experienced Rio.  Rio is the haven of masterpieces of nature.  It brings out the explorer in you.  From beaches to mountains to forests – it’s all there.  The best of them all – the Sugar Loaf Mountain – an iconic site providing a panoramic view of the city.

He went to Sugar Loaf on his 3rd evening in Rio, after work.  The weather was pleasant.  As the cable car ascended to the top of the mountain, he couldn’t be more amazed.  He reveled in the marvel of Rio.  He wanted to freeze the time and just be in that place forever.  

One needs to master the art of clicking selfies when traveling alone to a place of such magnificence.  He hadn’t.  He was clearly uncomfortable, but was trying.  Then there was this girl, looking at him with glee.  That was Poly – a beautiful cocoa-skin endearing girl who would go on to become one of his best friends from Brazil.  She was a traveller too.  She came from the city of Vitoria in Brazil to spend her vacation in Rio.  She offered to click pictures for him and invited him to a party later in the evening.  They spend some quality time together.  By the end of the evening, he also got better at clicking a selfie.  Case in point:


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