The Road Trip

It was a great road trip. Something that inspires stories.  He had recently watched the movie ‘Highway’ and had fallen in love again with the idea of traveling the length and breadth of the country – alone – by road.  There are so many places to explore, such rich cultural heritage to learn, and such interesting people to meet – he thought to himself.

What he experienced was beyond expectations!  From stopping to ask for directions at Police Station in a scarcely inhabited village in (what is touted to be) one of the most dangerous places in that state and possibly the country; to celebrating the festival of Holi with complete strangers in a village considered to be the birthplace of the festival; to sitting aimlessly watching the sun set; to listening the perspective of a 104-year old man.  Each taught him something meaningful about life, especially a life away from big city.  It taught him again the fundamental principle that he’s been trying to embrace.  The principle of ‘wanting what you have.’

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