The inverter

He was a 10 year-old boy.  Watching his dad work for over 15 hours a day, seven days a week, just to make ends meet was his reality.  One of the most seminal points in his relationship with his dad was when he was in 5th standard.  There was a 24-hour power cut in their locality.  March heat of Delhi.  He had an exam the following day.  He couldn’t study and sleep, but went for the examination.  When he returned, he saw an inverter installed in the house. That filled his eyes with joy, heart with pride, and soul with undying gratitude for his dad.  He knew how out-of-budget this purchase was for the family.  

Now he was a 26-year old ‘boy.’  His father wanted him to own-up to his responsibilities.  He knew.  Yet, he chose an alternate path.  The father, who had complete trust in him and wanted him to become his own person, was always reluctantly indifferent to mildly supportive of all his decisions.  Not this time.  This time the father had certain other expectations and was demanding they be met.  He was at cross-roads.  But he inherently knew what he’d do.  He remembered the inverter.


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