The Giver

She called. He didn’t answer. She called again. Again, no response. She felt weird. It was very unusual as he was always available for her. Even when he couldn’t take the call, he would drop a quick text and call back as soon as he could. She called 3 hours later. Still no response. She was worrying now. On her way from work, she stopped at their usual meeting place. The waiter there gave her a note that he’d left for her.

“You’ve asked me in the past how do I give without expectation of reciprocity. Here’s what I’ve always wanted to tell you: I give because I empathize; I know what it means to want but not get. I give because I get it. However, I realize how I could be accused of making you dependent. As such, I am choosing to walk out on us. Always want what you have.”

She really didn’t understand the note. She thought it was again one of his stupid pranks. She called. His phone was switched off. She decided to drive to his house. Angry and pained, she met with an accident. The impact woke her up. She was dreaming all this while. She frantically called him. His voice at the other end reassured her. She knew she could count on him to be there for her. Always.

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