The Fault in our Stars

He was going back to Amsterdam the next day from Lisbon. He would visit the Anne Frank House. It was meaningful for him to visit that place, especially since watching and reading ‘The Fault in our Stars.’ He asked her to come along. She couldn’t.

She hadn’t read the book or watched the movie, but promised that she soon would. He hoped sooner.

She: Hey…read the book; saw the movie!

He: Awesome. How do you feel?!

She: I am somewhere in-between right now…probably makes me wonder I should cherish what I have…maybe even speak out more about my feelings. Anyhow it’s a sad but wonderful story!

He: Yup! That’s the thing about that story. It teaches you ‘wanting what you have.’ This life…is comprised of moments. The best thing we can do to ourselves is not to lose the moments that life affords us. You never know how and when things change. The trick is to enjoy infinitum in the limited moments reserved for us.

She: Yeah…I guess ‘some infinities are bigger than other infinities.’


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