The Diary

She:  I want to read your diary.  We are in a relationship after all.  I don’t know if I can truly trust you if you keep your thoughts a secret.

He:  Look, we’ve been through this before.  There was a specific incident in my life after which I started writing.  The untimely demise of my younger sister.  She was the one with whom I shared all my thoughts.  By writing the diary, I still connect with her.  I am in love with you, but I can’t let you read my diary.  I would feel I am sharing her space.  And look, it is only a matter of time.  I am going to stop writing.  We share something very special.  I trust you a lot to be able to share all my thoughts with you.  And then I will purge the diary.

She:  What if, god forbid, we can’t be together?

He:  I will start writing again!  (Laughs)

She:  To remember me or her?

He:  What do you think?!


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