The Death Dream

He was barely 40 when he collapsed on the ground.  He was shivering.  She was standing next to him, frozen with shock.  She didn’t know what was happening.  She didn’t know what to do.  She was too astounded to even be able to react.  Her mind was racing with thoughts of all their moments together.  But her body could hardly move.  Was he going to die?  The thought sent cold sweat down her spine.  Her eyes got wet.  She was too numb to realize all this too.

He was always so much fun.  Always full of life.  Lived life king size because that was the only way he knew how to live.  And look at him now.  He was lying on the ground, clutching his chest, and screaming with pain.  She stood stunned and wondered ‘why did he never listen to me?’  She implored him to focus on his health.  He always retorted with ‘accept me the way I am or you are free to leave.’  He knew she wouldn’t leave.  They were in love after all.

Was she responsible somehow for his condition?  What will happen to their two kids?  A boy and a girl; boy being the elder sibling like they had always wanted.  This thought jolted her.  She fell on the ground too.  She woke up.  She was dreaming all this while. She was still 26, but she thought she had seen the future.  She was too afraid to share the dream, but now she could no longer be with him.  She was scared and scarred.  She left him without saying a word never to return again.  He was listless.  Could you blame him?  Maybe.


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