The Bookstore

He was meeting his friends for brunch on a sultry Sunday morning. He had reached on time, although his friends will argue that he reached early. You don’t reach ‘on time’ for a group meet. Even if you are 15 minutes late than the agreed time, you are at least 45-minutes too early! They were together for 10 years now. He should have known better. He decided to wait in a bookstore. Oh it was such a joy in and of itself! He got lost in the labyrinth of books neatly organized per genre. He stumbled on books that he had always wanted but never knew existed. It was spellbinding. ‘Why don’t I do it more often?!’ he reflected. He could not remember the last time he went into a bookstore. The age of Amazon and Flipkart, you see! He always bought books online, recommended either by his peers or by the algorithm of online booksellers. He was robbing himself of one of life’s greatest pleasures. ‘Buying books online is like traveling to a new country and only going to the popular touristy places,’ he thought to himself. He wasn’t such a traveller. He resolved never to buy books online again, but only from a bookstore.


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