The Blind Date

‘What a shame it would be to be in the US for a year and not date someone?’ He thought to himself.  ‘But I am in a long-term commitment.  It wouldn’t be appropriate…..huff….what the heck, it would just be a date.’ He convinced himself.

He reached out to a couple of friends to set him up.  One of his friends from central Europe fixed him with her friend from another university.  It was a blind date.  Well, not technically!  They’d met once on Google hangout.

‘Why did you agree to a date?’ He asked.

‘Well I was told that you are smart, funny, and chill

‘Okay. So you need intelligent self-deprecating humor!’

‘Ha ha.  May be.’

It was going great.  He even used his go to line.  ‘We look like the beauty and the beast.  I mean, look at you.  You are clearly way out of my league.’  He had always believed that girls love extravagant praises and there is no better way to flatter a girl than to tell her that you feel blessed that she is even talking to you.  It works every time.  You just have to be a little smart about it though.

Then something weird happened. ‘You are always laughing, but you have very sad eyes.  Are you a sad person?  She asked.  Has someone told you this before?’  In fact, someone had.  Someone very dear.  He couldn’t be the same person on that date after that statement.

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