The $1 Jar

Nineteen individuals.  Eleven nationalities.  Different fortitudes.  Different cultures.  Yet, they were a community.  However, when such diverse people come together, you need to set community standards.  One such standard was the $1 Jar.  The idea was simple.  If anyone asked a question after the class time was (almost) over or after the professor had closed the discussion, she or he would have to pay one dollar.  It provided good moments.  Even professors were in on the ‘act.’  It was fun.  Until one day.  The last day of module three.

One of the community members took strong objection to “self-appointment of some to keep others accountable.”  The moralizing attitudes in the ‘community’ were uncharitable and unworthy, according to her.  She felt vilified and ostracized.  It was a broad community issue for her.  And rightly so, he felt.  She showed immense courage by sharing with the group her feelings, which could have led to her excommunication.  He appreciated that about her.


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