She: Hey…I found another good program, which is work and travel. I will make some money and get some sun.

He: Great! So what freaks you out?

She: I told that guy (you know THAT GUY!) about it, and he didn’t support; my friends did, and he didn’t.

He: He’s just concerned for your safety.

She: I told him that the program organizers guarantee safety etc. I tried to call and he said talk later.

He: Hmmmm…Well you have to appreciate that it is difficult for him. Not only will he not be able to see you for 6 months, but also have concerns about your well-being. And while a lot of things in your life will change, he continues to live the same life. He may fear that you’ll grow out of him….and by the way, that’s a genuine concern I share as well. And then there’s sex. He may feel this constant threat and fear that you could be cheating on him with some other guy in new country. That’s how all guys everywhere think. I’m telling you. So he’s just fearful that’s it. The only way to call with this is to engage in constant dialog. Encourage him not to close himself on you. Tell him how important the relationship is to you and at the same time how important it is for you to do this program for your personal growth. I think once he feels comforted, you’ll be set.

She: I don’t know, man! Why is it so difficult? Why do I have to feel guilty?

He: You don’t have to; you just have to help him deal with his anxiety.

She: We were going to go to his hometown for a week or so…now he’s with his friends or I DON’T KNOW WHO, and not answering the phone like a little bitch!

He: Haha! Like a little bitch!

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