Thank you, Coach V

It is difficult to express in words my gratitude toward you, Coach V, for being so kind to me all throughout my MBA.  Nevertheless, I try by highlighting three incidents that have been seminal for me.

I remember the very first week of class, when I was living in university housing.  There was a torrential rain one day and university bus service hadn’t started yet.  You offered to pick me up and take me to classes, without me even asking.  You understood how difficult it must be for anyone to seek a favor so early on, especially in a new cultural setting.  You truly made me feel welcomed.  For your empathy, I thank you.

As the second half of our MBA journey started, you sensed that I was going through some personal setback.  You took me out for a meal and helped me pour my heart out.  I really needed that.  Your advice was timely and very beneficial, making me emotionally more intelligent.  For you perceptiveness, I thank you.

Lastly, the prank that you pulled on our flat-mate, perfectly using Hindi curse words (I am a little embarrassed for teaching you those expletives though!), was absolutely hilarious.  His reaction was priceless. For being always so fun, I thank you.


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