Subjective reality!

‘Aren’t you even a little bitter?’ He was asked. ‘That is not a healthy way to process the circumstances, you see.’ He was told. Well, he had always believed that being bitter helps nobody.

We all live in our own worlds of subjective truths. Her subjective truth was that she did everything she could to stand by him at a time when the only thing he could care about was his career. She needed to feel special. She needed to feel wanted. But he seemed to have taken her for granted. He felt nothing wrong in that. He believed that when two people are in love, they could feel secure toward each other to pursue other lofty goals. Yes, there is neglect sometimes. But it needs to be understood. She didn’t buy the logic, yet she persevered. Her patience was waning now. Could she continue? She wasn’t sure.

He lived in his subjective truth that whatever he was doing was for THEIR best. He was even willing and able to make career compromises for her. She implicitly asked him. He explicitly did. But he wasn’t happy. She sensed. She felt that this would impact the relationship adversely. It wasn’t the truth. But it was a part of her subjective reality. She walked out on him. He was heartbroken.  But how could he be bitter? The objective truth is always somewhere in the middle. Which side of middle? It doesn’t matter.


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