She: How much did you miss me?

He: Let’s just say if I smoke a cigarette every time I think of you, I won’t survive a day.

She: Regular cigarette or ultra-mild?  Haha!

He: Uff.  You are such a random person.

She: If I am RANDOM, then you are STOCHASTIC.

He:  Hahaha…That is hilarious!

She wasn’t random.  Far from it.  She was special.  The most intelligent girl he’d known.  That’s what made him keep coming back to her.  He had travelled to many places.  Met various interesting people.  Some much prettier.  Some much more loving.  However, he couldn’t see beyond her.

She would incessantly nag.  He would hate that.  She would be all insecure at one moment and all liberated the other.  Sometimes she would break into tears on a drop of a hat, while on other occasions, she would display immense emotional strength.  All that pushed him to be a better man.  She wasn’t random.

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