Social Identity – I

19 individuals from 11 nationalities and multitude of cultures decided to discuss their individual social identity.  It wasn’t a very comfortable scenario.  As it would later reveal itself, it was deigned to be such.  

He was not always very clear about the race and ethnicity question.  Race-wise, people from India are classified as Asians.  Still, the question of ethnicity is not very clear.

He witnessed a funny, but a telling conversation between his peers.  His Eurasian friend identified himself as a white Caucasian, a description with which his friends from western Europe and US didn’t agree.  The Eurasian retorted, ‘if one of you went to a beach and got tanned, will you stop getting classified as ‘white.’

He opined, ‘if you look at all the popular race and ethnicity definitions, they seem primarily a western concept.  It also suggests historic discrimination on the basis of skin color.’  From his context, people in India tend to associate their identity from caste system.  He classified himself as a middle-class, straight, upper-caste Hindu male.

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