He proceeded from his destination metro station in Moscow to the train station for his onward journey to St. Petersburg. The helpful lady from the AeroExpress nominated a tall, well-built Russian to escort him to his train station.

The guy seemed eager to help and that, strangely, struck him as a bit odd.  Do the lady and this guy know each other from before? What if this guy is a ruffian who burgles him?

He caught himself thinking about such questions and clenching his bag. It was unusual. He had been in similar situations before but had remained very comfortable; like his time in Mexico when, on his first night, while walking back alone from the party zone, he befriended a person and went club-hopping with him. But this time was different.

It told him more about himself than about the person helping him. He was a height-chauvinist. Since this guy was taller than him, it sparked his deep-rooted fear and insecurity. As the guy was chaperoning him, he just stopped and reluctantly gestured that he’ll manage, trying his best to ensure that he doesn’t offend. He then went to the cops standing nearby to ask for directions, who led him to the exact same place that the guy was indicating.


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