Romancing with the audacity of ambition

‘Are you an experience-junkie?’ his friend asked.

“Wow. No one has ever asked me this question before.  Hmmm…yeah; I guess.”

‘But you know right that you cannot go on moving from one experience to another.  Life doesn’t work like that.  You only get so many chances.  When will you figure-it-out?’

“Well.  A short answer to your question is  – I don’t know.  A longer answer is that I am an eternal romantic who constantly flirts with the audacity of his ambition.  I believe that what I do should be a creative expression of my being; at any point in time.  That is what matters most to me.  I believe in something that I call the ‘reward of pursuing meaning.’  When you start to pursue something that is meaningful to you, there will eventually come a time in your life when you won’t have to worry about any worldly considerations.  The journey will be the toughest and the longest, no doubt.  That is why it is elusive.”

‘And that is why you want it that bad!’

“Haha.  May be.”

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