Photo Collage

She sent him a message after a long time. It was about his WhatsApp profile picture. He had recently changed it to a picture of a photo-collage, which she had gifted on his birthday. Their last celebration together.

The message indicated that he should dispose of the collage. She was always very fond of symbols. Loved to philosophize. She argued that it was important for him to throw the collage away so that he ’empties that space for someone else to fill.’

He wasn’t going to. He typed, “I won’t as it’s the only piece of you that’s left with me.” Wait. Delete. He went with, “It doesn’t matter; it’s just a photo collage on a wall. You shouldn’t read too much into it. I don’t. Plus, stop snooping on me. You are a married woman now! Unless you are looking for an extra-marital affair! Haha!”

She must think he is still emotionally immature. He could live with that. He changed the profile picture anyway.


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