Pehle AAP? Not again!

Before the last Delhi elections, I wrote about how I won’t vote for AAP. My key argument was that Delhi needs a specialist; and although Mr. Kejriwal’s honesty, courage, and brand of politics should be respected, he is not (yet) the right leader for my city.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Irrespective of whether your decision was right, it highlights how little did you know; how little you can ever know. It teaches humility.

My opinion of AAP has changed since last election. But the problem I (still) have with AAP is that they position themselves as an all or nothing option. ‘Give us full majority or be doomed to be governed by criminals forever.’ It is their most stated position. People can’t be blamed if AAP doesn’t seem like a long-term solution. In a rush to capitalize on the present context before it turns against them, AAP looks desperate.

No, Mr. Kejriwal, we’ll be fine with you in opposition for five years.  Prove yourself to be a strong opposition and a strong political party, and come back next elections to stake your claim again in Delhi.


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