Pehle AAP. How about NO!

Here’s why I won’t vote for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and why you shouldn’t too!

First things first: no man, in recent history, has been able to capture the imagination of general public as much as Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. He is intelligent, honest, and fearless. Not particularly in that order though. He promises nothing short of magic in the ensuing Delhi elections. Am I convinced? NO. Here’s why:

India Against Corruption was a national movement that brought Mr. Kejriwal to the fore. It had nothing (in particular) to do with Delhi. Yet, AAP was born as a ‘viable alternative.’ It is no coincidence that Delhi probably provides the best voter base AAP could hope for – young urban rebellious tech-savvy voters. These ‘voters’ seem indoctrinated in the ideology of AAP. Unhealthy. Always.

Imagine a scenario wherein you have a sick patient lying on the ground.  Imagine it is someone who you love dearly.   He is in need of medical attention.  A guy comes rushing in and says, ‘let me check.  I am a good human being with noble intentions and a drive to improve this person’s condition.’  Would you be comfortable allowing him to ‘operate’ the patient?!  I guess not.  You would (and should) rather say, ‘shut the fuck up and get me a specialist.’  And you would be right.  Being an honest intelligent man doesn’t cut it.  You need a specialist.

Delhi needs a specialist.  A specialist politician.  Someone who has spent time in the political circles, worked his way up, knows the intricacies of the system, and can bring in the much-needed change owing to her/his political maneuvering competencies and maturity.  Unfortunately, neither is Mr. Kejriwal a specialist, nor his team.  Hence, no ‘pehle AAP’ for me.


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