Istanbul.  It had been only a few hours that he landed on this beautiful and historic city, and he was already in love with the place.  He had read a lot about the city.  Sixteen centuries as the legendary capital of the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires.  Sole city in the world to span two continents.  But, what he experienced was far more breathtaking than he had imagined.

As he went over the Golden Horn, he was absorbing everything that this magnificent city had to offer.  ‘Such rich culture, such monuments, such trade opportunities,’ he thought.  He was enamored by the grandeur.  The city spoke to him.  And it was wonderfully eloquent.  It brought an orgasmic smile on his face.

He looked around to observe the reaction of his colleagues.  He spoke to one of his best friends from the class who didn’t look as excited.  ‘Don’t you just love what you see?’ he asked.  ‘I do; it is beautiful.  However, I am yet to see a group of girls playing or hanging-out together’ – came her reply.  Wow.  Here he was, thinking that he was ‘absorbing everything,’ yet missing such a huge cultural attribute.

Epiphany!  We all see the world from our own lens and often overlook perspectives to which we haven’t been exposed.


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