Not ability, but desirability

‘So. what have you decided about the fellowship?’

Yeah; I am taking it.

‘Wow.  Do you know what you want to do post that?’

Not really.  But, everything in life is figure-out-able.

‘Yes. May be. You know right that I am all for these ‘alternative’ choices, but off-late have begun to realize that there is merit in settling-down soon.’

Oh, I totally agree with that.  We have friends, right, who went to good undergrad institutes, worked on decent jobs for sometime, did some ‘social work’ from the side of their table, went to good grad institutes afterward, and are now working in decent jobs making good money.  They knew and followed the cookie-cutter formula for what it means to be successful.  Can’t I follow suit?  My career so far should suggest that I’ll probably do as well, if not better.  The question then becomes not of ability but of desirability.  I refuse to have such a high talent for social conformity.  I have the courage to chart out an original life course and hopefully it will work itself out.  Only time will tell though.

‘Yup, only time will tell!’

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