Nil Doces (Candy) 3/3

Nil actively participates in the affairs of the favela, and due to her leadership skills, she is a celebrity figure in the favela and now personally knows the President of the organization responsible for the development of the port area.  She is convinced that the planned development of the port area over the next 3 years will help her immensely in growing the business.

She mentioned that she needs money to expand and is currently approaching various banks and development institutes for funding.  She already has a line of credit that helps her to invest quickly to meet a sudden spike in demand due to a port area festival.  She jokes that I should refer her to someone in Boston who can help; “one should not be afraid to ever ask for help,” she adds.  She offered to send some samples with me to Bentley.  I asked her if she has thought about exporting; “first thing that I thought about after joining the incubator” she remarked.

I highlighted my concern about the food safety standards given her facilities and recommended her to make investments at the earliest to apply for a food safety certificate if she wants to be considered a serious player.  She agreed and said that it is one of her considerations with the coffee shop plan.  She looks at the time and asks us to go so that she can start with her work for the day.  I like her focus.  She indeed is a warrior.

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