Nil Doces (Candy) 2/3

Nil worked at a beach restaurant outside Rio, where she met her husband who told her about his plans to start a candy selling business.  She came to Rio with him in 1993 to start the business and has been running it since, despite her husband leaving the business to pursue his interest in music.  She came in touch with the incubator in 2010 and feels privileged for all the opportunities – connections and information – that incubator has provided her to expand her business.  She recently won an award for the ‘best candy in the port area.’ She showed me the certificate and gave me a sample to taste as she was explaining about the achievement.  It was really good.

Nil has an acute business sense and is thinking about expanding.  She currently has monthly revenue of $7500 on an overall cost of $2500 (including rent and commission) from selling lime juice in the morning and coconut candies in the afternoon on 10 street carts in the downtown area.  She saves majority of her profits for planned business investment of converting her current location into a coffee shop with an open kitchen.   She has already applied for applicable licenses and is convinced that she’ll be able to get the approval.


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