NGO Women

Second day of fellowship.  One-hour bus ride from training institute to field-work location.  He was sitting next to a really charming girl.  It was their first meeting as they were from different cities.  He would later figure from conversations that she was amazingly smart too.  She had worked for more than 5 years in top companies around the world, and studied at the best of colleges, and was at a point in her career that she was well-positioned for management positions.  He was both awed and intrigued.

He: Why did you choose to join the fellowship?

She: I wanted to enter into leadership positions.  And to become a leader in any field, you need sponsors and mentors.  The NGO field has better women representation.  Much better than corporations.  At every level, especially at leadership level.  It is more ‘gender-equal.’  It provides me the mentors that can guide me well to become a leader.

He wondered if she was a victim of gender stereotyping and was rationalizing her disposition.


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