He had an acute interest in mythology and tried to imbibe learning from folklore into his life.  He always believed that mythical stories are a colorful way by which our ancestors pass-on on life learning.  It helped him more often than not.  Like the other time, when he had to decide whether to stay back in the US working for one the biggest business advisory firms or move back to India.

He remembered a story of Ganesha – the elephant-headed God.  The story goes like this.  One day, Ganesha’s younger brother, Kartikeya, challenged him for a race.  The first one to complete three rounds of the world would win.  Kartikeya sat on his peacock and flew around the world.  Ganesha went around the parents thrice and claimed victory.  When Kartikeya returned, he asked Ganesha that how could he possibly win; he didn’t even start the race.  Ganesha replied – ‘You went around THE WORLD and I went around MY WORLD.’

This story had a profound impact on him.  It made him realize that to ‘win’ one has to chose what is meaningful to her/him.   He chose accordingly.


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