Moral Luck

In one of his recent readings, he came across a concept in philosophy called moral luck.  It states that the morality of your action is determined by the accomplishment of your endeavor.  In essence, if one chooses to engage in an activity that significantly disrupts her/his life and that of the loved ones, for a favorable moral judgment, she/he must do everything possible to ensure success.  However, even in doing so, a failure caused by factors beyond her/his control could lead to an adverse moral verdict.

He was at one such juncture.  He was about to make a life-altering decision that was not only going to impact what he had previously thought about his career, but also what his loved ones expected of him.  It was tough.  He lacked any support from friends or family.  And now, with the knowledge of moral luck, he understood the pressures to ensure he made a ‘correct’ decision.  That was overwhelming.  But, he was going to be courageous now at the risk of being irrational.  It was what his heart told him was the right thing to do.


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