Modi could be like Racip Erdogan of Turkey

It’s amazing to have friends all over the world and to engage in discussions about almost anything, learning new perspectives through examples from their culture on similar ‘issues.’  He was speaking to a friend from Turkey about upcoming Indian elections, contrasting ineffectiveness of current Prime Minister with leadership qualities of the ‘most popular’ choice of next.

“Racip Erdogan of Turkey is a modern example of the pitfalls of ‘strong’ leadership. He democratically rose to power a decade ago on similar promises of ‘strong leadership’ and injected vitality into a struggling economy. But, today, Turkey has numerous journalists in prison; even more than China and Iran. Judges, police officers, and civil servants are subjugated and transferred at will if they do not conform to the wishes of the government.  Most recently, peaceful protests in June 2013 opposing his authoritarianism were brutally suppressed on his orders. This was followed by a nation-wide Twitter ban in 2014 to crack down on dissenting voices.  Can your democracy handle that?”


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