Miss 7-Eleven….err…America

Really old news.  Nina Davuluri, a New Yorker of Indian descent, won the coveted Miss America title.

Old news.  Some random non-influential ignorant retards decide to voice their misinformed opinions on social media platforms, which, in case you didn’t know, you are free to ignore.

So what’s up now? A sample water-cooler conversation:

‘Arey sir, America is like this only?’

‘Achccha. When was the last time you went to America?’


‘Oh…Ok…Have you ever met someone from there?’

‘Oh that….Uhhhmmm….that would be no. But I am telling you, naaa. America is like this only. Rejected my visa too. Bloody Racists.’

‘Yeeeaaah…..That would be right!’

One among many writers-of-open-letters-to-America wrote that America should get its ever-expanding head out of its ever-tightening ass. (Well, you have to give it to the writer. It is an incredibly funny line). However, by making a sweeping genralization about the US based on the reaction of some lumpen elements, one would be guilty of engaging in exactly the kind of behavior one detests. One must appreciate that a recognized institution of the same country awarded Nina with the honor. And yes. Get a life!


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