He laughed uncontrollably. It was probably the most genuine laugh he had ever heard.  It was definitely the most genuine laugh he had had in a long long time.  He even surprised himself with that laugh.  And that sparked a critical chain of thought.  From where was he drawing such emotion?  Were there emotions buried deep within his conscious that he wasn’t even aware of?  But isn’t that a trait of lonely people?  Was he, in essence then, truly lonely?

He had always believed that he may sometimes be alone but he is never lonely. He was friends with himself.  And how can you be lonely when you are friends with yourself, right?

But may be it was only his conscious, which with constant training had learned never to be lonely.  However, (may be) his subconscious was, in fact, truly lonely.  That seemed like the only plausible explanation to him.  At least as of now.

Lonely people aren’t always able to expound on their emotions.  But, when something touches them deeply, the intensity of their expression mirrors the depth of their loneliness.


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