Letting go!

It was November.  It was his first snow.  He was feeling inadequate that day.  He looked out of his window.  The leaves from the trees were gone.  It was all covered in a think layer of white.  He realized something profound.  Trees are the experts at letting go.  They know that every loss and despair of winter will be followed by hope and new beginnings of summer.

Life is a constant journey of letting go. Our journey from the day we are born to the day we die is a constant struggle between love and letting go.  From the attachment toward toys as a child to the affection toward grandchildren as an elderly, we get trained time and again to love and let go.  However, people do learn to love but almost no one ever masters the art of letting go.

We build connections and dependencies only to learn how to live without them.  And learn we do.  Always.  Without fail.  Time is the greatest teacher.  It never fails you.  But it also ensures that you don’t pass until you’ve learned the lesson.  The fundamental lesson of life.  The lesson of letting go.

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