Last meeting ever

It was their last meeting.  Ever.  Of course, he didn’t know it at the time.  He didn’t even believe many months after, that he would never see her again. Would he have done anything different had he known?  Who’s to say!

He looked into her eyes.  Long and hard.  They were stoic.  That unnerved him.  He kept looking, though, with his watered-eyes.  Searching for what he had come to find.  But the hollowness of her eyes stared back at him.  These were a different pair of eyes; a set he couldn’t recognize.  The eyes that he had known were expressive; reflective.  These were alien.

He thought about their love; about how she always cared for him.  He pointed toward his yellow shirt.  She smiled.  More out of sadness than out of amusement.  He realized that her tears had dried up a long time ago and the only emotion she could muster, that too barely so, was a smile.  He felt guilty.  As he was leaving, she managed a smile again.  He kissed her forehead, but didn’t wish goodbye.


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