He received multiple notifications in his inbox today.  From florists to jewelers to online fashion retailers, imploring him to buy gifts for her.   He had set-up these auto gifting mechanisms a few years ago, as he was always very forgetful.  But this time, strangely, he needed no notifications.  He already remembered.  This is what break-up does to you.  You magically remember all the important dates!

He picked up the phone and typed a message, wishing her.  But decided against sending it.  ‘What’s the point?’  She was happy and blessed in her world.  He had moved on too.  Yet, this day brought back wonderful memories.  It was always the best day of the year for him.  He could visualize her in a black-and-red suit with long silver earrings.  He categorically remembered all the past celebrations.  It brought a smile on his face.  He hoped she remembered too; for an instance at least.

Another notification.  It was from one of the NGOs he supported.  He always paid a visit to this organization on or around this day.  He visited the organization on his way to work.  He felt sanctified and humbled meeting with these kids with specially-abled sight.  He, psychically, passed on to her all the blessings he received.  It was her birthday, after all.


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