Kinder than he had imagined!

The morning of May 24. He had landed in Russia, met an interesting person on flight, did his usual shenanigans at the baggage conveyor belt, and was now ready to go to the Moscow city center for his train to St. Petersburg.

As he left from the airport toward the AeroExpress train exit, it struck him as odd that most signs were only in the local language. Although he had enjoyed such situations before – like his time in Mexico – this time, as he was in a hurry to catch an inter-city train, he felt restless. He remembered a handy advice shared by one of his friends before the trip to Brazil.

‘Before visiting any country, you must learn how to say two things in the local language – how to ask for help, and how to tell a woman that she is beautiful. Of these, the second is more important; for if you tell a woman that she is beautiful, she will certainly help you. And always ask only women for help.’

He reached out to a middle-aged woman who was extremely kind. Language barrier notwithstanding, she patiently understood his request and had a calming influence on him. She helped him buy tickets for the AeroExpress and the metro. She not only accompanied him to the metro station adjacent to the train station, but also requested a fellow passenger exiting the metro at that stop to escort him safely to the train station. He was overcome by her generosity. He was beginning to have a really good feeling about this trip.


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