Khyati – the Zucchini

‘Do you even realize how much you and I have in common?  I mean we both are smart, talkative, and fat!  On second thoughts though, we are much different too.  I mean, I am way better in every way; (evil smile)!’

She said so in their first real one-on-one conversation.  They’d been friends for some time now.  It was what she thought about ‘them.’  He was mildly amused.  As he always still is with everything she does.  Passionate and intelligent, she is an exceptional chum, he always felt.

Their friendship had been special in many ways.  He didn’t know what did the trick for them.  May be it was the countless hours they spent on phone initially just laughing uncontrollably but then discussing some serious stuff too.  Or may be it was that both understood the ‘feel’ factor.  Whatever it was, he felt blessed to call her his best friend. 


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