It wasn’t about the laptop

You know the worst thing about a break-up. It is when your friends ask – ‘how you are doing? Holding up well!’ – weeks after. It is not the question that bothers. You know they are well-intentioned. It is the sudden realization that how little you have thought about the ‘other’ person in this ensuing time. And then it dawns on you that it is exactly how little she/he has thought about you. It sometimes gets hard to acknowledge that people who once meant the world to each other have since moved on with their respective lives. He had too. Yet, that day, he had a strong urge to meet her. But he wanted to be cool about it.

He sat in his car and drove to her house. He made up a story of how he was in the neighborhood for some work that got postponed and if she was amenable, they could have lunch together. She refused. He was persistent though, discussing alternatives. Then he asked if she’d be kind enough to give him her laptop so he could use his ‘free time’ to sit in a nearby café and write a blog. She knew how meaningful it was for him to write. He knew she wouldn’t deny. He was right.

They met outside her house. She looked lovely. She sat in his car and they chatted for a little while about everything unimportant. As she proceeded to leave, he asked, ‘aren’t you going to give me that laptop?’ ‘It was never about the laptop, isn’t it?!’ she responded. They smiled.

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